Mpatamacha  specialize in the capture, transport and sale of all Game nationwide, including Elephants, Rhino’s, Buffalo’s and Hippo’s.s

Mpatamacha offers the following services:


Mpatamacha will host 14 game auctions in 2014. We pride ourselves in our state of the art auction facilities and game pens.
When Mpatamacha started in 2009 we held 5 auctions for the year. Brandon Leer has been part of Mpatamacha team from the start. Under his professional and expert hand many South African records were shattered and Mpatamacha Game is one of the best in the game industry in South Africa.

This year Mpatamacha is proud to host the Prime Genetic auction owned by the Prime Genetics Group. Top genetics will be showcased and buyers will come from all over to buy from these top breeders. The Keta auction is also a highlight and the owner, Terry Mclintock, puts the best genetics on this 4th annual production auction. Other auctions to keep an eye on will be two specialised exotic auctions as well as the nyala auction the 12th of April where 300 bushveldt nyalas will be auctioned. Apart from these auctions Mpatamacha will host plains game auctions where exotics as well as plains game will be sold. Mpatamacha build state of the art game pens that can accommodate various animals. Of the 130 animal pens 49 are bull pens, 61 cow pens, 8 buffalo pens, 4 giraffe pens, 4 hippo pens, 4 rhino pens with 16 bigger rubber camps for bigger herds. The game pens are darker to help animals not to stress but still enough for buyers to see the animals clearly. The overhead walkway has a rubberised floor to minimize the noise level in the pens. The giraffe pens have one-way glass windows to minimize stress on animals. Apart from the professional facilities Mpatamacha also tries to deliver a unique service to our clients. The newly revamped auction facilities will make the auctions more streamlined.

Mpatamacha buys and sells live game on a daily basis throughout South Africa. Jossie and Marietjie will go to a clients’ farm to look at the animals the client has to offer, from plains game to exotic animals. Kutu will give advice on permanent and temporary bomas as well as passive capture pens.

Mpatamacha offers a complete and unique service to clients with permit applications, quotes, auction administration, transportation and capture. We proud ourselves in our personal and professional manners.

Mpatamacha uses a very unique method to capture game by using two complete bomas and two game capture teams. This has been proven to be very effective and can easily be implemented on any size of property.  This enables us to have 2 separate teams capturing game on two different properties at the same time. At any given time Mpatamacha‘s work force consist of 50 permanent staff members.

Mpatamacha’s fleet consists of 19 large trucks with trailers. This enables the team to load 550 small antelope or 320 large antelope at one time. All equipment is designed and built by Mpatamacha at their head offices in Melkrivier. All crates are lined with thick conveyor belting sourced from the mines, as this provides excellent padding for the animals, thereby reducing injuries. It also assists with blocking out sound and in return stress is minimized.  All trucks have sufficient ventilation installed for the animals.

Completely equipped for elephant capture and translocation, Mpatamacha also makes use of a crate designed to wake the elephant up in.  This enables Mpatamacha to successfully relocate elephant herds of up to 12 animals at a time.  Since 2004 Mpatamacha has relocated approximately 200 elephants whilst working alongside Dr. Douw Grobler from Catchco Africa.

Mpatamacha also has 3 crane trucks enabling the transport of up to 8 rhino’s at one time

Mpatamacha makes use of 2 giraffe trailers to transport the animals as well as a giraffe recovery trailer which has been specifically designed and built for field work. Of the 2 trailers 1 has been created to transport trophy bulls. Each trailer can accommodate 4 adult or 6 young giraffe at one time.

Three complete hippo boma’s enable Mpatamacha to catch and then transport up to 10 hippo’s at a time.

Lambert van der Westhuizen has flown exclusively for the wildlife capture industry for the last 6 years. Having worked in the most experienced capture units in South Africa, Lambert has a wealth of knowledge in this field. Lambert flies a R44 which has proven reliability worldwide and rated as one of the safest helicopters for the purpose of game capture.  He also have experience in flying the following; Hughes 500, Hughes 300, Bell Jet Ranger and R22.

Professional Game counting service available on request.


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Since March 2004, Mpatamacha has been an active member of the WTA. All vehicles and equipment are inspected yearly by the association and approved in line with the the WTA's stringent standards.


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